We offer tax advisory services which include assisting clients in managing and resolving their tax disputes. For businesses that operate globally, tax issues can often be complex as each jurisdiction has its own tax requirements.

Previously, tax was not applicable to businesses operating in the UAE. However, a Value Added Tax (“VAT”) of five percent was introduced to the jurisdiction on 1 January 2018. This tax is mandatory for businesses whose taxable supplies exceed AED375,000 per annum or is anticipated to exceed that amount. Additionally, businesses can also voluntarily register to be a tax registrant if their taxable supplies exceed AED187,500 per annum or if the business expects to exceed that threshold within the next 30 days.

It has therefore become vital for businesses operating in the UAE to comply with the relevant VAT laws and regulations. Furthermore, it is important for businesses to consider the tax implications of each transaction and understand the rules applicable to same.

We at CLOUT have extensive knowledge and experience regarding the VAT laws and regulations in the UAE. Furthermore, we are well versed in engaging with the UAE Federal Tax Authority (who are responsible for administering, implementing and collecting taxes in the UAE) to deal with issues related to  tax returns, tax penalties levied or any tax disputes on behalf of our clients. We are therefore able to clarify any legal issues related to VAT and offer solutions that promote the interest of our clients.

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