Mr. Abdallah
Nassar Othman

Founder - 1954 - 2022



Mr. Abdallah Nassar Othman is the Founder and was the Managing Partner of Nassar and Partners Law Firm, one of Clout’s founding firms. He headed the litigation team of Clout in both UAE and Jordan offices. He earned his law degree from Alexandria University – Egypt 1978 and in an attempt to search for the essence of thought, which is the baseline of reaching rational decisions especially in the legal field, Abdallah continued his studied in philosophy, where he was influenced by the common-sense views of the philosophers Hegel, Immanuel Kant and Arthur Schopenhauer.

Mr Abdallah was a seasoned lawyer with over 43 years of experience of legal battels and a well-renowned as the skilful fighter at the court room. He commenced shaping his experience and reputation from day one after graduation, where he represented the Grocery Central Market of Jordan in the early eighties. subsequently, Mr. Abdallah entered the automobile sector by providing solid legal services to the largest group of automobile companies in the region, along with other heavy industry private corporations. posteriorly, through obtaining one of the remarkable judgment in one of the most complicated bankruptcy lawsuits, Mr Abdallah became one of the acclaimed trusted lawyers in the sectors of metals and gold, as he thereafter became the legal representative to a number of gold famous trademarks’ agents in the middle east region.

The strength of Mr. Abdallah ‘s expertise lies in civil, corporate litigation and commercial arbitration. He represented regional and international clients, including Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. He has been involved in some of the prominent and landmark international cases including a successful claim of over a billion USD, versus one of the largest banks in the United States of America.

Mr. Abdallah was a board of directors’ member in a number of reputable regional companies, a general legal counsel to a number of industrial and commercial international and local institutions and commercial groups, real estate projects and private corporations. He was engaged in what is considered one of the largest land expropriation cases in Jordan, amounting over 2 billion USD value of disputed lands.

Always the epitome of the gentleman, Abdallah had a persuasive yet calming demeanour which prove valuable in tense situations in either the courtroom or the boardroom. He used his broad knowledge to ensure our clients retain more of their profits, structuring groups and transactions in a way that minimizes the burden of repeated conflicts and commercial disputes.

While listing Nassar and Partners Law Firm along with Clout UAE and Jordan on the top list of the litigation law firms in the region, Mr. Abdallah trained over than 20 lawyers, who became ministers, parliament members, judges, international banks CEOs and courts heads.


Jordan Bar Association


International Bar Association


Bachelor of Law – Alexandria University– Egypt

Philosophy – Private Studies


English – Arabic – French

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