Due diligence and Investigation

We assist clients in conducting investigations to establish the veracity of stated information prior to entering into a business transaction. This is done in order to minimize business risk while providing information to the decision makers. Our services include: Corporate Registration Certificates, Reputation Check, Site Visit andLitigation Checks.

No matter if it is your vendor, distributor, reseller, business partner, employee or even if you plan a joint venture, we will always help you to meet your due diligence requirements. CLOUT has extensive experience in background screenings for both companies and individuals within the MENA region.

Due Diligence Investigation is the thorough examination of a company’s management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, clients, and any other aspects of the organization that affects or dictates how a business functions. Conducting a Due Diligence investigation is vital before a merger or a company purchase or any acquisitions, because it reveals any hidden liabilities or even weak points.

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