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Merge Big – Clout’s History

In the heart of London, a pivotal conversation sparked an ambitious idea: to merge the prowess of two distinguished legal firms, each boasting years of unparalleled and successful expertise. This concept wasn’t just about combining forces; it was about creating a legal powerhouse.

The primary mission of this nascent alliance was to deliver top-tier regional and international legal services to a varied clientele. This new venture aimed to carve a path to success by adeptly navigating the complexities of various markets and the nuances of both regional and international law.

The foundation of this partnership had deep roots, tracing back to 1980. It was then that the founders of Nassar & Partners Law Firm and the Law & Arbitration Centre, Mr. Abdallah Nassar Othman and Dr. Hamzah Ahmad Haddad, first crossed paths as opponents in a major legal case in Jordan. Over the ensuing decades, they independently established and grew their respective firms, each marking over 70 years of sustained success. Their journey was marked by deep client relationships and a reputation for stellar performance and service.

Fate has a way of bringing visions to life, and Clout is a testament to that. The founders’ eldest sons, Mr. Ahmad H. Haddad and Ayham A. Othman, serendipitously met in a London university classroom. This encounter laid the groundwork for what would become a leading modern legal firm in the Middle East, starting from the bustling business hub of the United Arab Emirates.

Now, Clout boasts a robust presence across three countries, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amman, and Istanbul.

Our vision

From its inception, Clout was envisioned to be a firm that stands out – “Legally Different.” With its strategic partnerships, Clout harnesses the strength necessary to operate effectively across diverse regions, ensuring that our clients receive tailored, efficient services. Our firm is strategically positioned to oversee and manage cases across various jurisdictions.

Our attorneys are not just skilled; they bring a wealth of expertise that benefits businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations alike. Clout’s vision is clear: to unite some of the market’s most esteemed attorneys and promising legal talents under one banner, all dedicated to client satisfaction through exemplary legal representation.

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