Who we are


Mr. Abdallah Nassar Othman will be remembered as a formidable attorney, a fighter in the courtroom whose strategic prowess and dedication laid the foundation for the Nassar Law Firm over 45 years ago. This legacy has grown and transformed into what is now Clout. Anchored in Amman, Jordan, and with a reach extending to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Istanbul, the firm continues his mission of legal excellence. His staunch advocacy and professional integrity remain the pillars of the firm’s philosophy.

Ayham and his sister Athear lead Clout with a dedication to the high standards Mr. Nassar Othman set, integrating the firm’s historic values with contemporary legal approaches. Their leadership upholds the firm’s esteemed legacy, innovating to address today’s legal challenges. Committed to excellence, they ensure Clout offers comprehensive legal services, grounded in a thorough understanding of both regional and global legal contexts, to a diverse clientele.

The Significance Behind the Name CLOUT

The name ‘Clout’ was deliberately chosen to encapsulate our firm’s robust influence and authoritative stance within the legal domain. It reflects the profound expertise and strategic insight gained from handling thousands of cases across various sectors.

‘Clout’ signifies the ability to effect meaningful change and underscores our proficiency in a wide array of industries, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, defense, mining, construction, and technology, as well as finance, real estate, energy, and entertainment. This breadth of expertise illustrates our comprehensive understanding of the legal challenges and opportunities present in diverse fields.

Therefore, ‘Clout’ represents not only our firm’s capacity to impact legal outcomes significantly but also our deep connections within multiple industries, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to legal excellence and client success.

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