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Merge Big – Clout’s History

A discussion arose one day in London some years back, and through that the idea of combining the expertise of two renowned legal firms with years’ worth of reliable, unmatched and successful expertise came to life. The aim and sole goal of this combination was to offer leading regional and international legal services to a diverse client base. From that merger, this new entity would build success by identifying opportunities and risks within a foreign environment, taking into account the unique aspects of international and regional law. The two original firms that merged were both established over 40 years ago, an extensive period that had allowed both companies to develop strong client bonds through exceptional performance and service.

The roots of the personal and professional relationship between the founding organizations, Nassar & Partners Law firm and the Law & Arbitration Centre stretches back to 1980, where the founders of each, Mr. Abdallah Nassar Othman & Dr Hamzah Ahmad Haddad were adversaries in one of the largest legal claims in Jordan. They went on to build reputable Law firms individually, each achieving sustained success lasting over 70 years, with both businesses amassing vast experience along the way.

Sometimes, life makes things happen for a reason, and Clout has its roots in one such incident. Mr. Ahmad H. Haddad and Ayham A. Othman, the eldest sons of the founders, found themselves together in a classroom at one of London’s Universities. This resulted in a brainstorming session between the two, as they discussed the creation of a well-established modern legal firm in the business hub of the Middle East.

Today, the result is Clout Legal Consultancy Firm – UAE and Clout Law Firm – Jordan, both are managed by Mr. Ayham and Mr. Ahmad. Clout offers the full range of legal services with regards to International Commercial Arbitration, ADR & Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Governance and Compliance, Commercial Advisory, Companies Structuring, Investments, Due Diligence and Investigation. Covering a broad range of market sectors, including Banking, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Industrial, Manufacturing and Trade. Clout and its founding businesses have handled numerous high profile and high value cases, including a successful one Billion USD international conflict.

The ability of the members of Clout to protect the interests of their local and international clients, along with the distinguished reputation and detail oriented diligence of the team as a collective, has empowered the firm to achieve tremendous success, creating a strong legal base in the region. In return, this has given the Managing Partners and their team the confidence to consolidate the experience gained by establishing a new International Legal Consultancy Firm. The new firm operates from the heart of one of the strongest global business hubs, the United Arab Emirates, together with operating from the most stable and safest regional countries in the region, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The combination of vast experience within international commercial arbitration, finance and corporate matters, combined with superb litigation performance provided a sense of clout in the field of law. Therefore, Clout was the logical name for such a successful merger.

Our vision

From the onset, Clout is designed to be a “Legally Different” firm. In combination with its affiliates, Clout can provide the requisite strength needed to operate effectively across the region, guaranteeing Clout’s clients efficient services to match their needs. The firm is well positioned to supervise and follow up on cases in various jurisdictions. The firm’s attorneys have impressive expertise, which will be of benefit to business entities and corporations, as well as non-profit organizations.

The clear vision of Clout is to bring some of the market’s best attorneys and up-and-coming lawyers under one roof, united by their commitment to client satisfaction through professional legal representation.

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