Technology has enabled the world to evolve in ways that were once unimaginable. Amongst others, technology has given birth to various crypto currency businesses. We at CLOUT believe that it is important for our services to evolve simultaneously with the needs of our clients.

As a result of this, we offer end to end services to assist our clients with their licensing and registration requirements for their crypto currency businesses operating in the UAE. It is worth noting that crypto currency businesses are still a novelty in the UAE. Finding the right information on the subject can therefore often be challenging.

Our counsels at CLOUT have experience in advising clients on all legal matters related to the formation of crypto currency businesses. This includes giving guidance to clients on which free zone is the most appropriate for them to register their business. In this regard, we would look at free zones such as the Dubai International Financial Centre, the Abu Dhabi Global Markets and the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre amongst others to assist the client in choosing the free zone that will meet their business requirements.

In addition to this, we would also revise the laws and regulations of the free zone that was selected by the client to establish if there are any licensing or further requirements for their specific business.

We also engage with the relevant regulatory bodies in the UAE on behalf of our clients to ensure that their applications meet the regulator’s requirements. This will have the effect of minimizing the timeline for their application process and will place them in a position where their probability of success will be maximized.

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