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Experience with Clout

From the onset, Clout is designed to be a “Legally Different” firm. In combination with its affiliates, CLOUT can provide the requisite strength needed to operate effectively across the MENA region, guaranteeing Clout’s clients efficient services to match their needs. The firm is well positioned to supervise and follow up on cases in various jurisdictions. The firm’s attorneys have impressive expertise, which will be of benefit to business entities and corporations, as well as non-profit organizations.

The clear vision of CLOUT is to bring some of the market’s best attorneys and up-and-coming lawyers under one roof, united by their commitment to client satisfaction through professional legal representation.

Our Areas of Expertise

  1. Litigation, International Arbitration & ADR

    Looking to solve a legal issue outside of the traditional court process, we at Clout have the deepest experience when it comes to analyzing your conflict down to the core before advising on the best method to move forward. Arbitration, Mediation, ADR & Litigation use different methods and harbor different spec like details. Want the shortest way from A to Z! Clout is your answer.

  3. Corporate

    We bring vivid insight and vast experience for corporate and private equity investors throughout each stage of the merger and acquisition process. CLOUT helps clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their identified goals, ensuring they are well placed to capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves during the merger...

  5. Due diligence and Investigation

    No matter if it is your vendor, distributor, reseller, business partner, employee or even if you plan a joint venture, we will always help you to meet your due diligence requirements. CLOUT has extensive experience in background screening both companies and individuals within the MENA region.

  7. Investments

    Successful outcomes come from being personally involved with each client by becoming an extension of your plan as investment experts. We apply our experience with global capital market insights to ensure a tailored fit to your one-of-a-kind circumstances.

  9. White Collar Crimes & Extradition

    Cross-border financial crimes can have severe consequences for both the organization and the executives. Given that the US dollar is the world’s dominant currency, in cross border transactions, it is likely that the US government would claim jurisdiction even if the organization has no existence in the US and it’s executives have never touched the US soil.

  11. Banking and Finance

    Our seasoned Banking and Finance legal counsels are skilled in assisting clients in negotiating, structuring, and drafting/amending documentation involved in financial transactions. We have the expertise to advise a client who is either a lender or a borrower in any type of financial transaction.

  13. Tax

    We offer tax advisory services which include assisting clients in managing and resolving their tax disputes. For businesses that operate globally, tax issues can often be complex as each jurisdiction has its own tax requirements. Previously, tax was not applicable to businesses operating in the UAE. However, a Value Added Tax (“VAT”) of five percent was introduced to the jurisdiction on 1 January 2018.

  15. Cryptocurrency

    Technology has enabled the world to evolve in ways that were once unimaginable. Amongst others, technology has given birth to various crypto currency businesses. We at CLOUT believe that it is important for our services to evolve simultaneously with the needs of our clients.

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