In the past decade, the value of cross-border direct investment has grown substantially, to the point where global inward investment flows now approach US$1.2 trillion. There are also more than 2,800 bilateral investment treaties, many of them “south-south”. We at CLOUT handle all matters related to Financial Direct Investments and ensure that the client’s rights are well-protected. We advise clients who wish to invest both in the UAE and internationally.

According to Forbes, the UAE attracted US$10.4 billion in Foreign Direct Investment in 2018, the largest FDI in the Arab region for that period.  As such, the UAE government is aware of the importance of Foreign Direct Investments to their economy.  It an attempt to attract and encourage foreign direct investment in the UAE, the government  issued ‘Federal Decree Law no. 19/2018 on Foreign Direct Investment’ which allowed an increased level of foreign ownership by non UAE and GCC nationals in certain companies and sectors in the economy.

Nevertheless, our investment practice is not limited to Foreign Direct Investments in the UAE but also includes, investments made by local and GCC member in the UAE as well as investments made in all other jurisdictions.

Our counsels at CLOUT work with clients to form an investment strategy through comprehensive reviews of their financial situation, developing actionable plans to meet their goals both domestically and internationally. We have developed many long-term relationships with our clients built on their trust in our monitoring of their evolving financial objectives and crafting new strategies to ensure those objectives are met.

Furthermore, we are capable to advise clients on all legal aspects related to investments in the UAE and internationally. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting clients with their fund-raising requirements.
  • Advising on structuring the investment.
  • Negotiating, drafting, and amending contracts related to the investment.
  • Due diligence investigations.
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