Litigation, International Arbitration & ADR

Our experienced at CLOUT have vast Dispute Resolution knowledge and expertise, allowing them to represent businesses in International Commercial Arbitration, Litigation and Regulatory matters. As the firm is also highly skilled in Corporate Risk Management and Conflict Management, CLOUT can provide a full spectrum legal solution for our business clients.

Our team includes top-notch counsels who can efficiently represent clients in the most sensitive investigations. The breadth of expertise available makes us a legal firm ideally suited in advising clients on dispute resolution, ensuring that every action taken during any dispute is the most effective one possible.

We at Clout provide a sophisticated International Arbitration Practice that is ideal for resolving disputes in a professional manner and leveraging vast experience to provide a cutting edge that sets us above the competition. We handle Proceedings under all major Arbitration Rules and represent and advise the client throughout the dispute with an end-to-end service. Our services range from drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses, assisting our clients thorough the Arbitration process, to Arbitration-related Litigation, such as Pre-Arbitration attachment and enforcement actions. We take care of it all.

It is worth noting that CLOUT’s members are experts in Mediation, which is a neutral role designed to help clients sort out their issues and arrive at a consensus., This is done by finalizing agreements, resolving disputes, developing effective communications and more, everything needed for amicable and acceptable outcomes.

Of course, as the majority of our clients deal with parties or matters of a cross-border nature, we are aware that in some cases our client may be a party involved in a Court Claim with a different Jurisdiction or market other than their own Headquarters location or where their main operations are located, and as such we are aware that one of the clients’ main objective is to control costs.

CLOUT is able to assist you with managing any legal matter that has a cross-border nature, and we offer the below services , along with managing Litigation disputes in the regions that CLOUT covers:

  • Collaborating with  an appropriate firm to represent your matter before the court in cross border disputes.
  • Controlling costs by ensuring that the expenses do not exceed the approximate  fees agreed upon.
  • Providing comprehensive updates to the client that would assist their internal teams and departments.
  • In some instances, deciding who from the law firm shall attend  the court hearing for any claim.
  • Advising the client on matters that would be beneficial in reaching quality-decisions.
  • Cutting costs by using internal research resources: It is known that law firms spend a considerable amount of time on research, adding significantly to overall costs. CLOUT can carry out research on behalf of the law firm in an efficient manner, lowering overall costs for clients.

Additionally, we provide tailor-made services that deliver on any unique needs individual clients may require.

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