Expanding to Western Asia & Europe


Clout is pleased to announce that it has opened a new office in Istanbul, the financial and cultural center of Turkey. one of the most attractive destination for foreign entrepreneurs, who are willing to invest and expand their business abroad. The volume of the foreign investments in Turkey increased 8.5 times in the last ten years compared to the entire ’80 decade and this country has become an emerging market such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. Furthermore, the network of the economic relations between Turkey and the UAE has been gradually expanding, and the annual bilateral trade volume recorded $9 billion last year, placing Turkey among the biggest trade partners of the UAE.

Consequently, we at Clout decided to be part of this economic development, by operating from Istanbul, the third strategic location of the firm, setting us up for long term success, as we continue to serve our clients in the entire region with the dedication, diligence and skill for which we have become renowned.

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